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AIX Administration 7.1

AIX - Training and Placement - Best Job Oriented IT Training Institutes and certification courses
Category Name : Operating System
Certification Name : C4040-221
Number of Questions : 72
Passing Score : 58%
Time Limit : 90 MINUTES
Count : 10
Duration: XX Classes | XX Hours | Weekdays: XX Days | Weekends: XX Days
Batch Timings: Mon-Fri: 30 Days | Sat-Sun (Weekend): 8 Weekends Mon-Fri: 9 AM to 11 AM | Sat-Sun (Weekend): 10 AM to 4 PM
Batch Schedule: Starts from 01-Sep-2107

Intended Audience The course is ideal for all those individuals who aspire to become AIX Admin. Knowledge of AIX  administration  will be beneficial to system admin, who deal in sytem administration

Prerequisites Unix OS Basics (Basic Commands and services , Complete basic understanding of OS), Network Basics ( Connectivity to servers )

System Startup Problem Handling

  •  HMC management
  •  Boot process
  •  Power on sequence
  •  System startup and shutdown devices
  •  Perform system startup and shutdown

Device Management

  •  Listing hardware devices
  • System error logs
  •  ODM overview
  • Commands


  •  tar / cpio / backup / restore
  •  mksysb
  •  Cloning of system
  •  System storage overview

Filesystem and LVM

  • Working with the Logical Volume Manager
  •  Manage physical and logical devices
  • Perform logical volume and file system management

Software Installation

  •  OS installation cdrom
  • Software install using rpm
  • Software install using installp
  •  Patch installation
  • OS install via mksysb
  • Commands

Network Administration

  • Overview
  •  INETD Configuration
  • Network Configuration

System Resource Controller

  • Overview
  • commands

User Management

  • overview
  • commands
  •  Login Process
  • Create and manage user and group accounts

System Performance Measurement

  •  Overview
  • Commands


  •  Cron
  • NFS
  • FTP / SSH / SCP

As a system admin working on Unix and AIX, what should I learn for the best future?

DevOps is the new addition to any sysadmins.
This is the stuff is a must learn, the sooner the better.

1- Start learning any cloud environment be it AWS, Azure…

2- A continuous build tool

3- A configuration management tool

4. Start learning VIO LPAR

What to do if you want to develop your p5 Virtualisation skills?


The below diagram shows the suggested roadmap for
developing Virtualisation Skills:
Each level involes back ground reading, Redbooks and the education available.

Do AIX, Linux, and IBM i all provide Virtual I/O Servers?


The Linux and IBM i operating systems do provide various virtual I/O server/hosting features(virtual SCSI, ethernet bridging, etc).


Q:What is the duration of course?

Ans: Maximum 3 months.

Q: What computer skills do I need?

Ans: You should know basic knowledge about Unix and also about networking and Operating System.

Q:What are the advantages of AIX?

Ans: The benefits of AIX is, the best execution in UNIX modern, magnificent interface whatever GUI and CLI. flexible limit and execution administration while IBM virtualization was included. What’s more, the exact opposite thing is soundness whatever equipment and OS level.

Q:What is AIX?

Ans: AIX is an open working framework from IBM that depends on a variant of UNIX. AIX/ESA was intended for IBM’s System/390 or expansive server equipment stage.