Perl Scripting

Perl Scripting Training and Placement - Best Job Oriented IT Training Institutes and certification courses In Pune, Maharashtra India
Category Name : Scripting
Certification Name : CIW Perl Specialist
Exam Id : 1D0-437
Number of Questions : 50
Passing Score : 75%
Time Limit : 75 mins
Examination Format : MCQs
Count : 10 seats
Duration: XX Classes | XX Hours | Weekdays: 15 Days | Weekends: 8 Days
Batch Timings: Mon-Fri: 30 Days | Sat-Sun (Weekend): 8 Weekends Mon-Fri: 9 AM to 11 AM | Sat-Sun (Weekend): 10 AM to 4 PM
Batch Schedule: Starts from 01-Sep-2107


Perl has evolved from its beginnings as scripting tool for UNIX administrators into one of the most popular, influential, and widely used computer languages in history. In this course, you will learn how to fully utilize the Perl programming language.


Application programmers, automation engineer, testers, system administrators, web-crawlers and UNIX/NT power users.



Basic of UNIX or Windows.


  • Comprehend basic syntax
  • Comprehend Perl data types like arrays and hashes
  • Control structures and subroutines required to write Perl scripts
  • Comprehend how to deal with data in with text files or in database server like MySQL
  • Comprehend how to access command line arguments and environment variables.
  • Comprehend Debugging Perl scripts

What are the prerequisites for taking this training course?


Any candidate with basic knowledge of computer and networking, No prior knowledge of the Perl programming language is necessary.

What Professionals Will Learn from PERL Training

This course will cover basic programming operations using Perl variables, regular expressions, search-and-replace procedures, and file handling as well as how to use Perl to create basic and object-oriented data-driven applications and to interact with CGI scripts and MySQL databases.

Who Benefits from PERL Training?

Students for this path should be familiar with Object-Oriented computer languages as well as basic concepts of Databases and Web Programming.