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Teradata - MS SQL Server DBA Certification courses & Training Institute Pune| SQL Server
Category Name : Database
Certification Name : Teradata Certified Professional Program
Exam Id : TE0-141 | TE0-142
Time Limit : 1 hour 45 minutes
Examination Format : MCQ, drag/drop graphic questions, scenario based
Count : 10
Duration: XX Classes | XX Hours | Weekdays: XX Days | Weekends: XX Days
Batch Timings: Mon-Fri: 30 Days | Sat-Sun (Weekend): 8 Weekends Mon-Fri: 9 AM to 11 AM | Sat-Sun (Weekend): 10 AM to 4 PM
Batch Schedule: Starts from 01-Sep-2017


Teradata has a Massive Parallel Processing  system, Shared Nothing Architecture thereby eliminating resource contention. Teradata is mainly designed to accommodate large data warehouse implementation and has many data warehousing features embedded into the core of the database. With linear scalability (Software can scale linearly with hardware), unconditional parallelism, multi-faceted parallelism, intelligent data distribution, parallel-aware optimizer makes Teradata is capable of handling large data and complex queries. 


You should have a basic understanding of Relational concepts and basic SQL. It will be good if you have worked with any other RDBMS product.






  • Data warehousing Concept and ans SCD’s.
  • Teradata Architecture & Physical Design
  • Teradata Vs. Other RDBMS
  • Vprocs, AMPs, Clique, Cluster
  • Data Storage
  • Data Distribution
  • Data Access
  • Teradata Space Management
  • Data Protection

Who should become a candidate for certification in the Teradata Certified Professional Program (TCPP)?

Teradata customers, partners, consultants and associates who design, administer, support or write applications using Teradata database technology or Teradata Aster technology are candidates for the Teradata Certified Professional Program.

What exams are offered by TCPP?

Currently we offer the following exams for the Teradata Certification Track:

  • 3 baseline exams (TE0-141-TE0-143)
  • 3 job roles exams (TE0-143 – TE0-146)
  • the Comprehensive Mastery Exam (TE0-147)
  • a bridge exam (TE0-14B) for eligible candidates to bridge from Teradata 12 to Teradata 14

What is the re-certification policy and will I be required to re-certify?

Re-certification on a specific release of Teradata software will not be mandated by TCPP. All Teradata certifications awarded will remain valid and will not expire. The market may dictate that certification on a previous release of Teradata is no longer meaningful and certifications will no longer be supported by TCPP. Candidates have the option to achieve updated certifications based on a newer release of Teradata.

Will I be required to accept a “Candidate Agreement”?

Teradata requires your review and acceptance of the “Teradata Certified Professional Program Candidate Agreement” or “TCPP Candidate Agreement” (which conforms to IT industry standards) each time you take a certification exam at an authorized Pearson VUE Testing Center. The agreement contains non-disclosure obligations, trademark license rights, termination rights, disclaimers of warranties and limitations of liability, and privacy clauses. It is recommended that you download the Teradata Candidate Agreement and review it carefully before your exam appointment.

What happens to my certification levels in an older track when a new certification track is developed?

All Teradata certification levels achieved in any certification track will remain valued, valid and will not expire, similar to a diploma. However, due to Teradata technology advances and changes credentials may become outdated and obsolete. At that time, TCPP will no longer support certifications from the track that has become obsolete.