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ORACLE 18C: NEW FEATURES… Oracle 18c Cloud News…

Well.. Oracle 18c.. one release more.. ? Uhmm perhaps not.. Oracle 18c has a that kind of air of.. “Starting now.. it’s when Oracle Cloud Database will mark a real strong beginning..”

We have been playing with Oracle Databases in Cloud from some years ago when all this was barely starting.. when it was more the concept of “Cloud Computing” as a whole.. I’m talking about when the Cloud Computing model was originally designed to be implanted “On-prem”, basically with an arrange of some servers.. software.. resources ( CPU.. Memory.. etc ) and all that could be managed by Enterprise Manager to built your own Cloud infrastructure but “On-prem”, that was around year 2013.. the service of Public Cloud was not still available in that time.. In that time we started to know concepts of “Pay-as-you-go..”.. “Chargeback..” and things like that.. the real concept of that first commercial proposal was really a model of “Cloud Computing”

In that time the concept of Oracle Database Cloud was extreme far from what it’s nowadays.. of course.. the product.. the concept was getting mature.. getting shape..

A couple of years later the first Public Cloud services appeared in the market.. year 2015.. Uhmm.. this was really a more close image of what we were having in mind about Oracle Database Cloud.. of course.. it was product that was changing all time.. and getting mature.. at the beginning even you could not choose the database character set.. the wizard interface had more steps.. and so on.. it was like a child opening his/her eyes to the world.. and we could enjoy how all that was growing..

Little by little more Oracle Database Cloud Services were starting to be available as per we have now:

  • Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Database Service
  • Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service
  • Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Machine
  • Oracle Database Express Cloud Service

All these lastly mentioned does not include the future new Oracle Database Cloud Services that will be available starting with Oracle 18c.

So.. continuing with the subject.. Oracle Database Cloud services were still changing/evolving.. even its web interface, pricing model, etc until the last months.. so.. it can be said the product was still modeling itself.. but internally we can consider it already a strong product.

So, according to my point of view, all that was a process to see how the product had interaction with real people.. with real customers.. with real companies.. All that was the preparation way to present finally the king product.. “Autonomous Database Suit of Services on Oracle18c..”, which is a great mix of all learned with Oracle Cloud Database Services and all years making better and better the auto-performance tuning techniques.. ( AWR, ADDM, Advisors.. etc )

So, I consider Oracle 18c and all its new feature a real “before and after” related to Cloud Databases..

Oracle 18c as every release.. has many new features.. that can be suitable for some kind of companies and others not too much.. as always.. perhaps a small company for sure will not be interested in autonomous database running in a powerful Exadata and so on.. Perhaps new “Startup” companies could be very interested in the regular “Oracle Database Cloud Service” to have a cheap and fast IT infrastructure.. not thinking as before how costly could be to establish an own data center.. etc..

So, the point it’s.. Oracle 18c as every release has new features for everyone..

The objective of this article is to name/to introduce them briefly before we can get the real production release starting December 2018.

Then, Let’s talk briefly technically of What’s news in Oracle Database 18c..

The figure you will see now is the Lifetime Support Commitments and Plans for current and future Oracle Releases.









*Oracle Database 19c is expected to the long term support release.

Always check MOS Note 742060.1 for the latest schedule.


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Author Names:

  1. Joel Pérez is an Expert DBA ( Oracle ACE Director, Maximum Availability OCM, OCM Cloud Admin. & OCM12c/11g )
  2. Skant Gupta is an Oracle Certified Cloud Professional in Oracle Database 12c, an Oracle Certified Expert in Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) in Oracle Database 11g and 12c.